Noble brandies

Distilled Brandies

Noble brandy has always been distilled on our farm. In the past, the focus was on the quantity – but for around 50 years we have only been committed to the highest quality. Almost everything is traditionally distilled from the local orchards. The quality of the fruit is crucial. Careful manual selection of the fruit and meticulous, gentle processing with modern technology gives the distillates an authentic signature. The distillation itself is a continuous game with temperatures. The noble brandy obtain their clarity and delicacy through the column process (double distilled). Similar to the wines, the Classic line stands for fruit-aromatic schnapps, while the depth and finesse set the tone for the so-called Auslese (Selection). Zigarrenbrände (cigar brandies) are old reserves that are aged in new barrels for years. Dense and compact, they accompany a pleasant evening with or without a cigar.

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Dreisiebner & Muster

Sustainable Connections

A partnership was founded in 1974 from the friendship of two families. This was at a time when the Styrian wine industry was at the beginning of its success story and the wheel for Styrian viticulture was reinvented. Initially using the simplest of means and tools, a decent wine-growing business developed over three decades. In honor of this period, seven original Styrian wines are still being pressed today and traditionally sold under the name Dreisiebner & Muster.

By the way: In the original cellar, which probably originated around 1850 (unfortunately no one knows exactly), we store our archive for full, aged wines.We steadily monitor these wines and will continue to do so over the coming decades – in order to gain knowledge for the next innovations.

MOTIF Fine Art Wine

Courage to Experiment

Our wine brand ‘MOTIF’, is the framework in which we operate our “out of the box” ideas, and in which the uncommon can lead. After two series of our ‘MOTIF’ fine wines we are now in the mood for something new: VERMOUTH. We think the time has come to give this old drink new emphasis. Wine, Brandy, Herbs. White, Rosé, Red. With these 3 ingredients, 3 varieties, 3 colors. Bringing this fine tradition to your glass again.

Edition Welschriesling Retro

Welschriesling Retro. He bethinks himself of traditions. As it was in former times, in a time-filtered way – what a progress!

The term „zeitfiltriert“ („time-filtered“) came up on our winery. It stands for calm and slowness in the further development of stylistics and new inventions. We are always striving to „make things better and better“ – just like many generations before us.

Welschriesling Retro is living proof of this. Traditionally pressed as it was done in the 70s, the vinification “zeitfiltiert” for almost half a century and tested and tried again and again over years. Now the Welschriesling can shine in the “dress” from back then – beautiful!

Edition Freundeskreis

World Wide Wineries – Freundeskreis Edition

Due to the frost capers in spring 2016, our harvest was very limited this year. This especially affected the classic wines. In summer 2017 we contacted friends from all over the world and asked whether we were allowed to produce wine from their home, in their region, from their grapes. In order to import them to Austria later in finished form. So we ended up in Germany, Slovenia, Piemonte-Italy and New Zealand.

The pure wines arrived at the beginning of 2017 and we are allowed to offer them under the temporary edition MUSTER.Freundeskreis. We are really proud of each one. For example, Gelber Muskateller (Yellow Muscat), 2016, Piemonte-Italy, Reinhard Muster and Roberto Sarotto or Sauvignon Blanc 2016 New Zealand, together with Nick and Peter…

We find this approach very exciting, it was a lot of fun and we came back with a new and innovative experience. And: the tough spring frost over here gave us the perfect excuse to make an international visit.