Our team is great.

We do not have a classic hierarchy.

A colorful team that tackles work beyond its own competencies and performs minor miracles every day. With diligence and personality. Gently and firmly. And so we have our hands full. Nevertheless, the lightness of everyday life must not be neglected. This is ensured, among other things, by our spontaneous guests at the winery, by whom we allow ourselves to be kept from our work and involved in conversation without objection. Sometimes until the bottle is empty. ♥

Reinhard Muster
Winegrower, Owner
Johanna Muster
Die Familien am Weingut
Manuel Sommer
Cellarmaster, viticulture
Seppl Muster
Die Familien am Weingut
Hanna Maschinek
Peter Wulz
Office management, customer service
Margit Steidl
Design, Art Direction, Communication
Victoria Lindschinger
Apprentice office, customer service
Adjustment, logistics
Adjustment, logistics